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Spreading My Wings

Teaching Tantra, Yoga, Breath, Mantra, & all the self love & spiritual practices that have transformed, healed, and rocked my world has been such a joy and honor!

Though thoughts of not being good enough, self-doubt, and lack of self-confidence have always been something I have had to constantly face, I find myself turning the corner now at this age and stage of my life.

Shifting from teaching yoga and that industry being my primary focus, to embracing my gifts as an intuitive healer, author, and Tantra teacher have me now gazing at the mirror of my own heart again, so full of joy, wonder, and desire to share these facets of myself that I have kept to myself for so long.

Infinite gratitude to all the special people who have been in my wingspan these past few weeks at retreats, workshops, book signings, 21 Day Sacred Sadhana and upcoming Tantra events! Your support, enthusiasm, acknowledgment, and love have given me the courage to spread my wings and fly in this new direction!

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