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Struggling Yoga Teachers

Struggling Yoga Teachers is something I know all about!

Omg if you knew my single mom story it would take your breath away. Dozens of court hearings, welfare, police, drama, trauma, all of it! In between all that there was 108 times more love, laughter, joy, and memories of a lifetime.

Somehow, with grace, good people, great teachers and guides, a network of friends, family support, a team of healers, and my own blazing spirit and dedication to yoga + service, I not only got through it, I thrived.

Some of you might remember the yoga studio I created; Yoga for the Peaceful; where I had world class presenters and taught an internationally recognized yoga teacher training, a slopeside winter yoga festival; Yoga Rocks the Butte!, taught yoga retreats in exotic locations, and more! AND I was still not making enough money plus I was totally exhausted!

That’s when I made a decision that changed my life. I got a business coach/mentor that specialized with yoga teachers!

She helped me get clear on what was working and what wasn’t, what I REALLY wanted to do and loved to do, and how to make that happen in a way that helped me create more impact and more income. For the past five years I have been doing the same, supporting yoginis like me to have a freedom based business; that means financial freedom, location freedom, and lifestyle freedom. Now I can teach yoga + retreats for causes I believe in, when and how I want, not because I have to!

I have a 12 month annual program starting up again in 2022 with a waitlist that you can get on now, and a VIP six month Coaching Package that you can start anytime with 2 spots open now. I’d love to talk to you if this speaks to you so please go to my link below and schedule a complementary call to look at where you are needing support and how I can give you some direction on your next steps. I know this situation well and I believe all yoga teachers deserve to thrive so I’d love to help you!

I believe in yoga and I believe in YOU!

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