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Such a joy and honor to share yoga with my Colombian Yoga Family!

This is the country of my roots, and i have been coming here for years to teach trainings, retreats, and share the yoga of my heart, so i have a family of people i adore who always welcome me with such open arms!

This “Maha Sadhana” was called Yoga Body Prayers for Peace & Healing, and after years of not being here through the pandemic, we had a sold out class at the beautiful Caracola Yoga Shala in Bogotá complete with old friends, teachers i have trained, and new students ready to pray with their bodies for peace inside and for the world.

Humbled to teach in Spanglish and offer my love through this practice that i believe can open hearts and heal all wounds, I can only say THANK YOU, for the warm welcome and epic alchemy we created together! I’ll be back, and until then, i know the incredible teachers in Colombia whom i’ve had the honor to guide on this path will continue to water the gardens of hearts in this amazing country which is always going to be one of my souls sacred hOMes!

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