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Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

September marks national suicide prevention month - a month to remember the lives lost to suicide, the millions of people that struggle with mental health, alcohol and drug addiction issues, and acknowledge the individuals, families, and communities that have been impacted.

It is also a time to raise awareness about suicide, prevention and share messages of hope.

In my book, WithYou Forever, there is a section devoted to suicide prevention, and in this live I am reading to you and sharing a little bit about my experience, and what I have learned.

Infinite blessings and prayers to all who have been impacted by suicide, and to all who need support, and that includes survivors, who have lost a loved one to suicide like me. We need the support also.

Above all, reach out for support, and thank you to all the beautiful souls that have helped me and continue to stand sentinel for my grief journey.

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