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Take refuge

In your practice…

A wise man once said that to me when the shit was hitting the fan, and i took it to heart. From that point on, no matter how crazy things got, I dedicated myself to my daily practices with more passion than ever. Then the shit really got bad. And it saved me.

I’m forever grateful to Mother India and the great teachers, gurus, Lamas, and teachings that have come to me in this life, and it’s such an honor to give it back to the world.

It’s more than yoga asana. It’s sitting like this with your mala chanting your mantra with each turn of the bead. It’s learning breath techniques that take the brick off your chest when your sad, it’s yoga body prayers that heal you from the inside out, it’s getting so clear and so peaceful that you know, and taste, the love of the Divine, which is YOU.

This is what we’ll be doing for 40 days starting Thursday! Men, women, all levels, just come as you are, XO All info

RamRam my friends, love yourself, and you love the world!

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