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Tears of Joy, Grief, and New Beginnings!

Dear Satsang!

Happy Full Moon, Solstice, and Happy Holydays!

This morning the moon woke me up blasting its luminescence through the window above my bed. I rolled up and did my pranayama and morning prayers as I watched it set over the snowy mountains and the purple sky as the sun was coming up. It is the last full moon of the year, and my last one living in Crested Butte.

The energy of the full moon and the solstice together create an energetic burst of energy to guide us into the next season and new year. This is a portal into the season of light; the sun, the moon, and your own inner light are all aligned to awaken us to our highest expression, to live out in this precious human life we've been gifted.

With all the big changes in my life, I can actually feel this gateway opening up, and I am just on the precipice. We are all in unchartered territory, outside of our comfort zones with all the changes in the world - yet if you stay dedicated to your practice, to your self love + healing journey, and being of service in the world, you will progress, you will be blessed, you will lay your head down at night feeling fulfilled, and you will keep expanding. You will SHINE.

I have cried so many tears these past few weeks. Holydays are still challenging for me, missing my son Cheyne, leaving the community I have lived in for 25 years, planning a major move, and taking some huge leaps of faith. They are cleansing tears of grief, joy, and extraordinary expansion. And you know what? I'M PROUD OF MYSELF! Making decisions based on growth rather than fear, holding myself through the toughest grief journey a mother could ever endure, being present for my other two sons, starting a new relationship, and launching two big offerings in 2022 designed to help people heal and transform their lives. It's a lot!

I believe in letting the tears flow and moving through the difficult times authentically, and I also believe in using all the tools I've been given, to wipe my tears away, and get back to doing what I'm here to do: SERVE. LOVE. And help others love themselves and serve their gifts with impact and abundance. So I gotta walk the talk. As you know, I put my heart and soul into my offerings, so I hope you will take a chance and let me love and serve you!

My 40 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana is a very intimate program where you are invited into my home (which will be my very first day in San Clemente, CA!), my own personal practice, and my heart. It's hard to explain what happens in this sacred community of people that gathers every morning together, but I know from what I have heard that it is life changing. I hope you'll join me!

My Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs on a Mission is my other heart project to help spiritually based women learn how to merge their soul purpose with financial and lifestyle freedom, and this fifth year I have the best coaching team as well as a new Soul Signature System that I am so honored and proud to offer for the first time. The sisterhood of support, accountability, and spiritual + business coaching package is also life changing. The world needs YOU, and the time is now, I really believe this! I remember when I was "working 9 days a week" as a dear one used to tell me; I was exhausted, stressed, and didn't have enough time for what and who I loved. All that changed when I got a coach, and now I have a freedom based business I can do wherever I am in the world, and I am passionate about helping other women do the same. I LOVE to hear your dreams and challenges, so please take me up on a real live old fashioned call and let's talk! Schedule your call with me today!

Well, thank you for reading, caring, replying to this LoveLetter with your comments, telling me you read it when you see me at the grocery store, and for all you are doing in the world. Every bit of love and light you give out makes a difference, and it has impacted ME. Thank you from my deepest heart, you've made my healing journey and soul's purpose worth living!

As you look back at 2021, reflect on what you'd like to leave behind, what you want to take with you, all to be grateful for, all the new dreams that are coming forth even greater than you imagined, and all that you have done and survived. Give yourself a big hug, be proud of yourselves, and know that I am proud of you too! Let's lean on each other, ask for support when you need it, have hope for the world, and always: love yourselves up!

Sending you Love and Blessings this "Snow Moon", Soulstice Gateway, HolyDays, and New Year ~ to Live, Love, and Serve! Whether you are surrounded by loved ones, or holding your own precious self, remember you are loved, just for being YOU, and you are never alone. Because we are ALL ONE, and I am:


(Which, just for my inner circle that reads this far, is the title of my book of channeling Cheyne which will be published in 2022!)


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