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The fierce goddess,

Durga Ma, rides a tiger, carries weapons of consciousness, and is determined to destroy any inner or outer obstructions to being our highest state of loving awareness. It’s no mistake this powerful goddess is female, as this energy is so crucial to heal the patriarchal system that is currently destroying our world. I am immersed in the 9 holy days of Chaitri Navaratri which honors this goddess and awakens her energies inside of us, right as the new astrological year begins so we can clear any obstacles, awaken our courage, and open our hearts to the creative renewal that is always available. Though I have been practicing yoga for over 3 decades, not being born into these practices, I can only humbly try to embody as much as I can, but my heart of devotion is pure, and I hope to convey some of this into my life, dharma path, and relationships. Since April is the month my now spirit son Cheyne was born, it has been a tremendous refuge to strengthen and heal my heart as I feel the date approaching in my body. Spring in general is a time of rebirth and renewal, and no matter what tradition you belong to, they are all religions of love. May we always remember there is no separation, there are no borders, we are all one human family on this great planet that is hOMe to all. Om Dum Durgaye Namaha! May our weapons of consciousness always be a light in the darkness to slay the demons of ignorance, love ourselves, all our brothers and sisters, creatures, and Ma Earth, while we are so blessed to have this precious human incarnation. Withyou!

Gratiude: Mark Nadir and beautiful graphic art by Karie Reyes

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