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The point of life is not to GET anything.

The point of life is to realize it is a sacred gift.

Life circumstances have been intense lately, but I have been inspired to keep my focus inwards, and remember that it’s the invisible stuff that’s beyond all that striving, that really counts. Really trying to live into that.

Round and round we go, chasing the tail of materialism and consumerism even though deep down we know it will never suffice.

The only thing that will satiate our hunger is love, the love that’s inside, the love that is not dependent on anything you are, do, or have.

With all there is to distract you, take a moment to pause on this dark moon portal day, breathe deep, whisper a prayer, move your body, and remember:

You are alive.

And that’s a gift to the world.

“Love yourself.

Love God.

Love the world.

It’s all One.”



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