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The Power of Practice

Get healthy!


So much going on in the world, so much that can take us down, it helps to have people, places, habits, and practices that bring us back to center. This virus that’s going around is another wake up call of sorts I think. One of my great wisdom teachers has always told me, “get the message, not the messenger”. I’m sure there are many messages to get from this devastating epidemic, yetone I can’t help to feel is obvious, is the wisdom behind taking your health seriously. What goes into your mouth, ears, eyes, nose, let’s say all the orifices? What are the thoughts buzzing through your head? What are you eating? What are you doing to keep your body temple strong and flexible? How much sleep do you get? What is the state of affairs in your relationships? How many hugs do you get a day? How often do you laugh from the belly? Breathe fully? How much passionate lovemaking, kissing, snuggling so you get? How often do you sing out loud, dance, play, create beauty with your hands? I’m pondering all these things myself these days and upping my game. Life is a mystery, a Lila (Divine play) we cant always explain, but there are some things you CAN do to increase your vibration and have a bigger impact with this gift called life you’ve been given. Let’s get healthy familia, and help those who need support doing so!


I’m especially grateful these days to have created my Power of Practice Online Course that addresses all of these things to live a healthy and vibrant life, so please check out my free video and info👇🏽. I created this course last year after the tragedy of my life, when these practices literally saved my life, and I’m truly grateful to Shiva Rea for bringing so many of these practices to my life. What an honor and joy to give them back to the world through my lens, from my heart to yours!


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