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This human body!

I have always been amazed by it, never taking it for granted, and made it part of my life path to hone it into a temple for the Divine. God lives here. Goddess, lives here. Whatta gift. For that I give you my precious time, energy, dedication, devotion, to thank YOU, Creator. And you’ve given me the great joy and honor to share what I’ve learned with others all these years of teaching, owning studios, creating a festival, teaching trainings, mentoring Yogini‘s, living and breathing yoga for over 25 years. I didn’t know if anyone would join my first ever Soul on Fire 40 Day Sacred Sadhana, and now we’re in day 29 and have the most beautiful Satsang so dedicated to learning not only yoga but the other practices that sometimes get forgotten; meditation, mantra, pranayama breath, prayer, and the bhakti path of love, service, and devotion. I’m so proud of them, and you know what, I’m proud of me too! No matter what I’ve been through in life, and Lord knows that’s been a lot, I always find my way back to the path of heart. May you all find the path that leads you to the remembrance that you are a holy temple of the Divine! RamRam, LoveLove, OneOne!

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