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This time of year is so full. So much to do, be, plan, go.

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Juggling family, work, projects, service, relationships, all of it.

I’ve had a few days of feeling overwhelmed as i am planning a big move, have two big offerings starting in January, special workshops to teach, women to mentor, a book to finish writing, giving my loved ones my best, and still finding time for, ME.

I’ve learned that it’s essential for me to stand sentinel for my daily morning practices, which get my day going with a clear mind and open heart. Do all the 1008 things, then pause again as the sun is setting for another moment to sit, pray, do mantra, and go into the evening tide with ease of heart.

Sharing these practices is one of my favorite things to offer, so inviting you to join me in my 40 Day Sadhana that starts 1/1, and gives you my 7 week Power of Practice Course as a bonus to start now, so you can move through this season with grace. All info below!

May you all have ease of heart in these times, and take refuge in the practices to be a light for your beautiful self, and for ALL.

Love Yourself, & You Love the World!

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