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This Valentine’s Day I am celebrating my experience and certification as a Tantra Teacher.

Tantra is about love, devotion, and is a spiritual path where making love is a dedication to God; The God/Goddess that we are ONE with! It is a decision to be on a spiritual path of self realization that you get to do with someone else, not for our own best interests, (though there are many blessings to receive,) but for the benefit of all beings, and as an offering to the Divine.

As you can see from the photos, these 30 days were a world class unforgettable experience with master teachers, learning profound knowledge, relentless practice in yoga, meditation, and breath practices, and epic people from every corner of the world!

Even more valuable than the “certificate”, is the initiation and empowerment given by my teachers at Aum Tantra Yoga, Marco & Amita, from Italy! They have been dedicated to this spiritual practice for decades and have the purest intentions to bring the most authentic roots of this lineage that’s over 3000 years old!

Love is the truly the answer, self love is our power, and Tantra shows us the way to harness all our energies to be our best, and make the world a better place. Please connect if you have questions and want to learn more, I’m on fire to share!

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