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Time for me…

I’m a go getter and though life has thrown me some super fast curve balls outta left field, I have always come up running and made it back hOMe.

Now the gods have given me a chance to sit on the sidelines and take a breather. I’ve decided to take a sabbatical this year, and tend my own hearts garden for a bit. My whole life seems to be in a rebirthing stage; I left Costa Rica after 2 years of jungle living, sold my home in Colorado, moved to California, got engaged, and handed over my Soul on Fire Yoginipreneurs coaching business to Jackie Just.

Mama’s taking a break. After raising 3 sons primarily on my own, surviving the tragedy of my oldest sons suicide, always doing whatever had to be done, creating a yoga studio, festival, teaching teacher trainings, retreats, coaching, mentoring, presenting, doing it all in the yoga industry, I’m pressing pause.

I’ll be deepening my spiritual journey, writing my book channeling Cheyne, doing crafts, surfing, finding ways to serve in my new community, and having fun being engaged and planning a beach wedding!

Do-ing less, be-ing more.




Opening to infinite possibilities of who what where God wants me to be.

It might sound easy and luxurious but for me this is BIG work! Can I be enough, valued, and loved just for being, well, ME?

I pray so my friends, for the benefit of all beings.

RamRam, with a tender and grateful heart, I’m surrendering!

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