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Times are tough out there...

What’s that thing you love to do and you just get lost in it? I realize there’s a lot of things I’m passionate about and surfing is on the top of the list. That ride on top of the sea, that oneness, the thrill, the salty water on your lips, even getting pushed down so far you don’t think you’re gonna survive. And then when you make it back up, you’re like YES! Let’s do it again baby! And sometimes it’s like well, time to paddle in and rest, heal, and refuel my Spirit.

Maybe it’s a metaphor for a lot of things about me, my life, and what I believe us humans can accomplish in life. I’m passionate about inspiring other people, being a beneficial presence, helping people see the love they are, and to realize that you CAN do what you’re passionate about. I’ve gone to the bottom of the sea you guys. And i’ve come back up. You can do it. We just gotta help each other out a bit and believe in ourselves.

It’s one of the reasons why my YoginiPreneurs Mentorship Group is called Soul on Fire. Because I’m so passionate about helping spiritually motivated women get clear about what they’re really passionate about bringing into this world and making it happen.

Times are tough out there, but the healing arts is what the world needs more than ever, so now is the time. You can do what you’re passionate about, have fun while you’re doing it from anywhere in the world you want to be, and have the abundance you deserve. Women with money are changing the world, you can be spiritual and wealthy at the same time!

Calling passionate women, doors are open, I invite you to have a complementary call with me, link below to share your passion with me Jai SitaRam! XOXO ♥️🔥

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