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Today I turn 58!

I am infinitely grateful to my parents and the Creator for giving me this precious human life.

At this stage and age it’s about remembering why I came here and being true to who I am before all of life happened to me. It’s about giving back more than ever, sharing the wisdom teachings I’ve received, harnessing all my life experiences, cleaning up ancestral trauma, and integrating all of who I truly am and want to be in the world.

Whatever you want to call this age; crone, queen, elder, wisdom women, silver sister, etc, I will not be put in a box, classification, or description, and I’m gonna keep rockin’ it whether that means surfing, teaching about yoga + tantra, mentoring my beloved soulmate clients, spending every moment I can grab with my sons, caring for my mom, resting in a hammock, traveling to places I love, finding ways to make the world a better place, or believing in the full fk yes relationship, I’m dedicated to being whoever I want and need to be, and living in love, for the benefit of all beings.

Being alive is a privilege and I am thankful for every breath, every sunset, and every one of you who cares enough to read my words!

What does age mean for you?!

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