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Uniting Our Nation

I am still processing inauguration day in the U.S., and all that it meant for Americans and our global family. “Uniting our nation...” “My whole soul is in it...” “Without unity there is no peace...” “The dream of justice for ALL will be deferred no longer...” “A cry for survival that comes from the planet…” are just some of my favorite sentiments from our new president. There is hope for this nation to heal, and for it’s effects to reverberate across all the borders lands creatures and people in the world. It seems like an impossible feat to fix the damage that came from centuries beyond the last term. My faith and bhakti soul can’t help but think of Hanuman’s Spirit at this time. This beloved deity has a devotion and faith in Ram/God that defies all understanding. My teacher friend Guru brother Govind Das reminds us that when we place all our faith in the Supreme what seems impossible becomes possible, what has been done can be undone, and what hasn’t been done can be done. There lies our task: To strengthen our faith, come together in unity, ask for help when we need it, do our part, and believe that as we continue the path of self love, healing, and awakening, we are also healing the world. Again and again I am shown the way my sacred practices have healed my soul, mended the broken pieces of my heart, awakened my consciousness, and strengthened my resolve to keep on. We can do this! Ramram, keep praying, keep doing your practices, and keep believing: the dream of peace is afoot!

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