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Virgo Full Moon Love!

Dear Friends!

Happy full moon in my own sign, Virgo!

This is going to be a brief LoveLetter, as I have a lot of moving pieces going on. I finally left Costa Rica after a year of being nowhere else to visit my sons in Colorado. I came back and had a wonderful visit on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica with some powerful Goddesses making an impact in the yoga industry.

As the full moon was ripening, I felt the intensity starting to build, and got some really clear signs that it’s time for me to go back home to the U.S. My mother's heart knows my sons need me, even though they think they don’t, my father is in the hospital (please send prayers!) and I just want to be as close as possible to them all.

As hard as it is to leave Costa Rica, I am deeply fulfilled and grateful for my time here. I lived my surfer girl dream at 55, did some deep healing, plant medicine, met wonderful people, enjoyed running my Soul on Fire YoginiPreneurs group from my jungle perch, slept and awoke with the sound of exotic birds and monkeys, started teaching yoga again, “adopted” a local single mother and two daughters that stole my heart, (who also adopted me and Shanti!), enjoyed getting involved with the food bank and other local organizations, had an absolute blast with the women’s surf club, was embraced by this beautiful community, and leave with the true Pura Vida stoke. Memories of a lifetime I will never forget!

Since full moons are about completions, I realize my Virgo moon falls auspiciously at this time as I am closing this beautiful chapter and beginning a new one. I am not sure exactly where I will settle or for how long. There are lots of details at this moment that are unclear. That can be a little bit stressful, but I’m choosing to see it has a really exciting new adventure, and as my mother has always told me I will “bloom where I’m planted!”

We know that there is only one thing for certain, and that is CHANGE. So I’m opening my arms wide, bidding this place goodbye in the next few days, and looking forward to spending some healing time with my family and seeing where the universe wants me to go next.

Thankfully the power of the practices of yoga and Buddhism have given me the tools to truly be able to live in the flow, find happiness inside no matter what’s going on on the outside, and continue to strengthen my faith, take courage, and live in love.

I wish for you all the same and pray we meet on the path virtually and on the sand and peaks!

(Yes I am still coming back to Nosara in May for my yoga and surf retreat so I would love for you to join me there, spaces are filling up, so please reach out now!)

Virgo Moon Love!


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