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Virgo Super Moon


My birthday week comes complete with the moon and sun both being in my sign Virgo, and the equinox around the corner! New moon, new season, new beginnings! Despite tremendous challenges for all of us, I feel there is hope. There is an awakening, movements, change, people coming together, new ideas, opportunities, and infinite possibilities as old structures, ways, and views are collapsing.

Living in Costa Rica after living in the mountains the past two decades has been a beautiful experience. Hearing the ocean while I sleep, waking up to the birds and monkeys, meeting wonderful people from all over the world, new soul-sisters, surfing, being introduced to the world of plant medicine, deepening my practices and learning new ones, even starting to learn play the flute!

May this Virgo super moon awaken the dreamer inside you, see the bigger horizons with your spirit eyes, feel the trembling underfoot yet courageously engage, speak up, take action, one step, one moment, one day at a time.

As fear, uncertainty, and anxiety arise, keep doing your practices, learn some new ones, reach out, ask for help, call in your allies, do yoga, breathe, recondition your mind, walk barefoot upon the earth, baptize yourself with every drop of water, smile, cry, laugh more, let go of the past, trust your intuition, stay flexible, embrace change, make art, dance under the stars, swim naked, love your soul, write affirmations on your mirror, get a new tattoo, pray, read Rumi, lend a hand, donate to a cause, plant a tree, learn about white privilege, repeat sacred mantras, ignite your heartfire, be real, be love, be YOU!


I’m right there with you my friends, Something beautiful is being born.

Have hope.

Ram, Ram, we can do this!

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