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Watch out, here we come!

When you finally meet in the flesh after “knowing” each other virtually.

When your admiration grows even more from time spent together.

When powerful single moms collide!

When their light reminds you of your own.

When we “get” & support each other’s dreams and realize they are aligned with our own.

When you can talk about racial matters and trust your friends to help you grow and learn and not judge you.

When you share sunrise on the beach, chant, pray, and yoga together.

When yoga professionals unite and mastermind how to make more impact on the industry and the people in it.

When you have “Superfood Coffee” lovingly created and waiting for you in the morning. (video recipe on that coming)

When your sisters pull you through a hard moment.

When you realize Divine Grace brought you together and somethin’ not sure what but it’s gonna be beautiful is gonna unfold...

So grateful for this unforgettable week on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica with soul sisters!

Watch out, here we come!

Sunday 9 am PST ZoomRoom, us 3 for you: freedom lifestyle, yoga accessibility for all, healing self as we help others, sacred community, and more, see info below!

Don’t soulsisters make life so much sweeter?

Thank you


Shine On!

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