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We are all ONE

Wow, I’m so blessed to have had the experience to do a workshop to learn the whole process of creating yarn, the old fashioned way, by supporting the artisan women here in Colombia! A knitters dream! This precious sheep gave her wool for us, as i held her and stroked her and gave her thanks. The women patiently showed us the whole process and let us take part and even gave us a lesson in weaving as well as an incredible meal with their family made from their fire stoked stoves.

This is what going to new places is all about to me. Learning about the culture, doing my part to contribute even a little bit to the community, getting to know the locals, the arts and crafts of the region, and sharing our hearts with each other.

We are all ONE, and the more places i go, the more people i meet, it becomes more and more clear. We all want love, the joy beyond sorrow, freedom, people to share our lives with, natures bounty, a purpose, a little adventure, financial security, and dreams to aspire towards.

Those of us who have a roof, enough food to eat, and good health are so blessed, and it’s up to us to contribute wherever we go to help others have the same.

Every little bit counts!

My pockets are not the deepest, but I have found ways to contribute a small amount monthly to the organizations closest to my heart and to donate proceed of all my offerings to local organizations that contribute to the people and the land.

What are your favorite organizations and ways to give back? Let’s share, keep the abundance flowing, never give up the dream of peace, freedom, and enough food, clean air and water for all!

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