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We're all in this together siStars!

Confidence is something that took me decades to really embody and still strive for. Humbleness is so much easier! To give my teachers, parents, Gurus, God, luck, and everyone and everything else credit for what I’ve achieved and who I am is only half the equation.

That leg I’m standing on, that hand that reaches higher than I think I can, that brain, is in MY head, that heart that’s been through so much and keeps on loving, forgiving, and taking leaps of faith, that’s ME who gets up again and again and again.

Radical self love, acceptance, and confidence in being our holy and wild selves and serving our gifts to help make the world a better place is what I believe God wants us to feel.

Through all the years of being a business coach for Yoginis, I have learned we’ve got an extra battle with confidence. So many great teachers, so much to learn, so much body image shit, aging, so much of the demon of comparison to battle. I’d love to share my story of embracing sacred confidence and how you can feel at ease AND proud of yourself so you can go out their and SHINE, so bright it inspires others to shine and we can all heal this planet.

Always bowing in gratitude to all that have and has blessed my life, and coming to you LIVE in humble confidence today at 11 am pst to share my # 1 Yogini Secret to Genuine Confidence. We’re all in this together siStars!

Mark Nadir

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