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We're all meant to be happy and free

The past few months i have been living in the countryside of Colombia where my father was born, and flew to Vermont in September to hold him as he crossed over to the world of formless.

Now I am here on the Caribbean side of Colombia, where my mother was born, and where she has decided to live out her years. Interesting how life has brought me here at this particular time in my life, well into my 50’s, to heal, grow, deepen my spiritual path, and truly live in the land of my roots.

Experience the epic culture and people, the heartbreaking poverty and political chaos, the contrast of the extraordinary beauty and pain of a land and it’s people.

Seeing my own self in that mirror and all there is for me absorb and integrate as i live my own elder years to decide who i’ll be, where i’ll go, what i’ll do, and how i can serve in this world that needs so much from us all…

I’ll be leaving here soon, but i can tell you this; a part of my soul will always live here and i’m proud to be a Colombian & an American, yet will always also know mostly I am a global citizen and i pray we may always remember that all lands are our hOMe, and we’re all meant to be happy and free.

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