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We're in this together my friends

Mama’s gettin’ some warm water waves and feeling so grateful!

It’s not all roses in my life or the world, so here’s what my day looks like before i paddle out:

415 am: jungle sounds wake me up and i lay in bed another hour and do yoga nidra meditation. 515am: mantra japa meditation with my sandalwood mala i always have in my bed 530 am: drink water, wash face, scrape tongue, oil swishing, quick abhyanga self body massage while chanting the Hanuman Chalisa by Govind Das & Radha 6am: set of 5 pranayama breath exercises with 5 bhakti/universal prayers in between 630am: Buddhist meditation practice, usually Green Tara, Dakini Mandala, or Prajnaparamita as taught by Lama Tsultrim Allione 730am: Yoga! 830am: green juice + fruit

Then i’m ready to rock.

If I’m gonna play, i pray first!

My hope is to get clear, raise my frequency, be able to face whatever waves life brings me with more ease, joy, and grace, and be a beneficial presence on the planet.

If you wanna learn from me, join my Bhakti Yoga Immersion, which starts on Beltane May 1, link below!

We’re in this together my friends, Withyou!

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