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What are your Soul Spots?

10 days of bliss in a secret surf spot in Costa Rica, with an angel friend, a ton of fruit, my surfboard, dog, and time to let my mermaid come to play.

What are your Soul Spots?

Places where you sigh deeply, the earth tucks you in her arms, and you can hear the voice within.

I’ve been in so many soul spots this past year and as exotically beautiful that they are, i realize the best soul spot is right where i am. Right here, inside my soul. Turning around, inside out, upside down, all the way around, and coming back to. me.






Yoga is love. self love practices that bring you back to. you.





pray with your body and let it take you to the best soul spot ever!

Wherever you go, you’ll find it there.

we can stop searching now.

Ramram friends, love yourself, and you love the world!

heading back to another soul spot to teach my yoga & surf goddess retreat in #nosara ! still space for the one who says yes to soul living, loving, serving, being, surfing, flowing XO

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