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What is your secret desire?

Well familia, i have to tell you, i am in a secret surf spot where there are rides that feel like they are 5 minutes long, with 0-3 people in the water with me. I can hear the ocean all night long, and see it the minute my eyes open. Not a soul in sight on the beach, birds that you’d see in the zoo and nothin but love and Ocean Ma here.

What did i do to deserve this? Is this really happening?! Yes it is, and i do deserve it dammit, and so do you deserve your sacred desires. Whatever brings us peace, joy, healing, earth bonding, and connection to the Divine is better than good for the whole world.

What is your secret desire?

Can you see it, taste it, feel it, believe it’s possible?

Even if you don’t know the HOW, just keep believing my friends. This world needs healing, and when you heal yourself, the world will too.

Blessed and sending blessings and stoke your way!

Come surf & bhakti yoga with me THIS May, tix cheap even at last minute, link in below! XOX0

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