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Who am i!?

Well hello hello, and thanks for caring to read a little about me! New moon new beginnings so i thought i’d share!

Who am i is a question many of us ask ourselves on the spiritual path. Who do i WANT to be is another.

I’m an earthling and also a Spirit being beyond the qualities of form.

I’m a passionate yogini, buddhist, bhakti, one lover of all traditions of goodness.

I’m a coach + mentor for yoga goddesses on a mission, and i’m on a mission myself. To be my best, make a difference in the world and help others do the same.

I’m a surfer, a nordic skier, a lover of nature, adventure, travel, + spontaneous opportunities with magical people and places.

I’m a mother of three sons always, even though one transcended to the formless reality. That said, i’ve been on the wildest grief journey ride of my life since then, and hoping i can help bring light to mental health for those who suffer from depression, alcohol + drug addiction and the root causes of such which go way deep, through plant medicine, ancient teachings, heart brain coherence, and SELF LOVE.

I’m American born to Colombian parents but consider myself a global citizen of planet earth where hOMe is everywhere borderless + free.

Who do i WANT to be is finally now just ME. A child of the Universe, guided and led by LOVE, mystery, and hope for humanity.

I’m f’n brave, a little weird, totally imperfectly perfect, and have a soul on fire to do what my Guru Neem Karoli Baba says to do:

Love Everyone.

Serve Everyone.

Remember God.

(is you, me + everything)

RamRam familia, I’m here for YOU.

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