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"Who does God want me to be?"


who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

~St. Catherine of Sienna

Lately I have been thinking about this. It’s an aspect of being on the spiritual path to continually ask who am I, and I usually ask, “who does God want me to be? “

And then surrender it.

Neem Karoli Babas simple teaching is to love everyone, serve everyone, and remember God. And just let Love lead the way, let the path be shown, do my best, listen, be curious, be willing to change, serve, be a light, and keep loving and accepting myself and others more and more.

So there’s this wild yogini, surf chick, buddhist practicioner, mama, teacher, mentor, coach, lover, aging woman, humanitarian, introvert, extrovert, artist, healer, devotee, survivor of extreme loss, student of life, and so much more.

Learning how to embrace it all, feel into the edges i can let go or leap, integrate, merge, and BE.

Who God wants me to be.

For the benefit of of all.

Ramram, love yourself and you love the world!

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