Why I Love Crested Butte, CO!

Nordic skiing, classic and skate, is one of my passions! #2 behind surfing! 🏄🏾‍♀️ That is just one of the reasons why winter is my favorite season in Crested Butte! I typically work several hours in the morning after my practice, and then get out under the big blue sky and slide on skis with my ski soulsister Juliet, or just me and Great Spirit! This is often where I get my head together, talk to God, absorb all the elements, and fill myself with the powerful vibration of Mother Earth! 🌏 I feel very blessed to be a yogini entrepreneur, yoga mentor, teacher trainer, and in the yoga studio business and able to create my own schedule. It is a true joy and honor to be able to do what I love, and help others get the support and tools they need to be able to do the same. My 🔥2019 SOUL on FIRE🔥Yoga Teacher Online Course starts in January, and I am gifting complementary discovery calls to find out if this is right for you as a holiday gift from me! 🎁🎄


"Love everyone. Serve everyone. Remember God."

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