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Why is it that many women have a hard time celebrating each other‘s successes?

A few days ago a yogini teacher commented on a backbending video I posted saying that it made them feel like I was displaying a show of body sensuality, Intimidation, one up-womanship, and she felt discomfort and an inability to appreciate it. 😔 I am actually really grateful that this came up because it brings up an issue that is so essential for women to address, and in this case female yoga teachers. 🧘🏽‍♀️

Why is it that many women have a hard time celebrating each other‘s successes? 💥 There will always be another woman who is “more” successful, beautiful, wealthy, has a better car, a bigger diamond, a hotter body, (a better backbend), a better man, etc. 💎 What would it take for women to be able to REALLY be happy for each other’s gifts, talents, beauty, success, happiness!? Not to feel intimidated, one-upped, or let’s just say the word, JEALOUS. ENVIOUS. 😡 I truly feel that one of the most important things that are part of my women’s yoga teacher mentorship groups, is the support they get from each other, and having a safe space to be able to truly celebrate themselves and each other! It is an exercise almost all women need to do! It has been a true honor for me to create the space for this, and I think that we need to cultivate more of this kind of sisterhood support in our relationships. 🤸🏾‍♀️ All women (men too of course!) have wounds and places where we feel inadequate. Perhaps my backbends are awesome, but I have a literally fought blood sweat and tears for my self worth, self-confidence, healing of many traumas, life challenges, not to mention a back condition that ended up in a severe back injury in college that took decades to heal. So when a woman can celebrate me and any of my successes, it literally can heal one of those wounds. 💥 We just can’t know what each other’s back stories are, and what we’ve been through, so when a woman gets complemented and celebrated, especially by another woman, it’s like 1008 compliments from a man! 😁 I have been surrounded by beautiful, talented, wealthy, successful, and amazing women all my life. It brings me so much joy to see women happy, smiling, well loved, and celebrated, and I think it’s high time that we all as sisters are able to do so for each other. 👏 What the world needs is LOVE, so give it to your sisters, give it good, look them in the eye and say "man, you’re gorgeous (talented, got rad legs, awesome style, a rockin practice, a world class laugh, a smokin man!)..." Watch their beautiful spirit light up. And then they’ll do it to the next sister, and the butterfly effect will do it’s magic in the world! 🦋 And this lovely sutra comes to mind that lives on my fridge: 1.33 If we can be pleased for others who are happier than ourselves, compassionate for those that are unhappy, joyful for those doing praiseworthy things, and remain undisturbed by the error of others, our mind will be very tranquil. 🙏🏾

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