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Today is my birth day and yesterday my father went to the stars, as we held him in our arms. A somber day, yet a day i bow down in immense gratitude for the man who chose my mother and gave me life. So much of who i am is literally because of him. Death is one of the hardest of life’s mysteries to accept and embrace, and though my being mourns that he is no longer on the planet, now i know he is everywhere and held in the perfection of the Spirit realm. My Cheyne, all his loved ones, and the Universal GodForce are receiving him with open arms and he is flying free now in peace, in Oneness. I celebrate his life that now continues in the world of formless where i too shall one day go, and my tears are for the joy beyond sorrow that i can gift his legacy to my sons and all who touch the part of him which is ME. Thank you Hugo Orlando Mesa Rincon, i adore you, i am you, we are One, and you LIVE forever in my heart. Love never dies, and as you always told me:

As long as there is sand and sea There will always be you and me. withYou.

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