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WithYou Forever

I will always be a mother of THREE sons. One in world of Spirit, two on earth. I may hold those two a little tight, but they are my sunshine that’s for sure.

Not an easy path my friends, and some of you know how f’n hard it is. I’m sorry, my heart goes out to all who grieve when a child goes to the other side, not to mention through the gate of suicide/mental health issues/alcohol addiction, all which intertwine.

My book, WithYou Forever; written by me, and channeled by my son Cheyne, is going to be published and released on his birthday, April 6.

This book is full of messages of love, hope, healing practices, and support for anyone on the grief journey and though it’s really a heart project for me, I pray it can be a blessing for you!

Please DM me if you want a digital or hard copy, or want to be on my launch team!

Thank you for all your love and support as I inch towards the tender time before his birthday and launch date.

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