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WithYou Forever re-launches on 4/6!

Cheyne woke me up in a dream this full moon lunar eclipse eve at 4:15 am, what they call the auspicious hour.

I was getting a call from him, like back in the day when he’d call in the middle of the night.

I could see his contact on the screen but for some reason there was no option to pick up the call.

I was freaking out, knowing that something must be wrong.

Somehow i got on a call with the hospital and they said he was in ICU and might not make it.

I was like “don’t let him die, I’m on my way!”

And then the nurse said, “ Monica, I just want you to know I heard Cheyne and his friends were amazing, they were causing a huge ruckus, were handing out these pamphlets, and really making people listen, and making a big difference…”

Then i woke up.

My heart beating fast like it was happening and then I realized it wasn’t.

He was already gone and I was like shit, shit, shit!

Why didn’t you call me that night!?

What’s the message Cheyne, what are you trying to tell me?

“Mom, I’m giving you my fire. I’m not dead btw, I didn’t want to be there, I wanted to be here, in the Divine University, where I could ignite fires in you and others and do my work in other ways.


I’m alive in you, in my bros, in all the great causes of the world, brawling for you all.

Go fight the good fight mama,

I’m WithYou!”

And so begins Full moon eclipse Aries Season. He gave me a particular project and more you’ll be hearing about soon, as I round the corner towards his birthday on April 6 where he will have been 30, my fire child.

His book, WithYou Forever relaunches on 4/6.

I love you my Cheyne!

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