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“WithYou Forever”~Surviving My Sons Suicide; An Oracle of Love, Hope, & Channeled Messages~

Today I am so grateful to share that my book, written from my son Cheyne’s channeled messages, and my own heart, is going to be published!

I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to pull it off, but a miracle happened just the other day that is going to make it a reality:

I got a publisher!

At first I was just going to throw it out there the best I could, and wasn’t really worried about it being “a success.” It was my heart project, and I didn’t want to have any attachment to it having to be anything but just a love offering in memory of Cheyne. What I realize now is that CHEYNE wanted it to be more than that. He wanted his message, OUR message, to have more of an impact, and I had to let go of all my fears and get out of the way to let the magic unfold. Auspiciously, my publisher came to me and believes this book needs to get into as many hands as possible.

I am now ready to share with you the title:

“WithYou Forever”

~Surviving My Sons Suicide; An Oracle of Love, Hope, & Channeled Messages~

It also includes some of my own messages, practices and tools that have helped me on the grief journey, suicide prevention information, survivor support, as well as information on how to help loved ones who have lost someone to suicide. This book is for everyone, and the message of self love and healing is the mission Cheyne has given me that is now my life purpose!

Infinite gratitude to Cheyne, all the people who have supported me along the way, and my publisher A Monique Alvarez, who believes in me and our message!

If anyone is interested in being on the “WithYou Forever” Launch Team, please gimme a YES below!

Mark Nadir

graphic art Karie Reyes

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