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Wowza it’s a power day my friends!

Today is the start of a 21 day portal of love, unity consciousness, and the power of manifestation that climaxes on 2/22! We will not see this set of numerological sequences again for another 100 years!

In numerology this angel number represents that you are on the right path, exactly where you should be, and is a perfect time to take refuge in your practices of yoga, meditation, breath, mantra and whatever else feeds your soul to raise your frequency and focus your energy on the power of love and miracles that are available to us all, for the benefit of all beings!

On the heels of the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger, Imbolc and Vasant Panchami Spring celebrations, this is a time to awaken the spirit of love, gratitude and a miracle mindset for the seeds you are planting with every breath!

I know there are a few miracles I am calling in now, and so grateful for the miracle of love that’s already happened!

How bout you?!

Write it down, sing it, paint it, dance it, bring it, these next 21 days!

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