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Yoga is Union with the Divine.

Yoga can be so serious, but there’s really so much joy in it!

Here I am on my way to a “peak pose”; bhujapidasana, trying to hook my feet while balancing on a rock, and try to look good while doing it!

I like to teach challenging asanas, because the journey towards them is so good for the soul, the body, and the ego!

Oh man there is so much serious shit going down in the world, in our lives, on the planet, so how can your practice bring you more joy, more laughter, more ease, more presence?

My 40 Day Soul on Fire Sacred Sadhana is coming up July 1- August 9, and we will be doing just that! Yoga hasn’t gone anywhere, and is here to stay with us to get us through these extraordinary times. For me it’s not just poses, it’s body prayers, breath, mantras, ayurveda, giving back, and self love. The power of daily practice to heal yourself, can also heal the world, I believe this!






Yoga is Union with the Divine.

Which is YOU!

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