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Yoga & Surfing is magical!

Yoga & Surfing is a magical combination!

They say that if Yoga came to you in this life, you are a lucky being. This path of transformation is not for the faint of heart, but it is deep and rich in it’s discovery of wisdom and healing. Top that off with the adventure and unexplainable joy of surfing the waves of Ma, and you have an alchemy of bliss.

I am infinitely grateful to be returning to Nosara, Costa Rica Mother’s Day week to teach my Soul on Fire Yoga & Surf Retreat! It’s called soul on fire because my soul is blazing to share these great loves of my life with you. The power of yoga is so vast, I am one of those people that really does believe it can heal almost anyone, it certainly did me!

The power of surfing to feel the sublime joy of sitting atop Mother Earths ocean majesty and then gathering all of your courage to face her + ride her + feel her + be one with her, is like nothing else i can describe.

Those of us who are gathering to come for this week are meant to experience this magic together, to be in sacred sisterhood, to dig deep and listen inside, be true to our souls mission, learn from each other, and be a beneficial presence not only to the ocean but to all.

Proceeds will be going towards feeding the people in Nosara, India, and giving back to the sea.

We have a special group forming, but there’s a few more spaces so give me a shout! Come let me hold you, show you what my heart beats for; yoga, surfing, serving, healing, and loving yourself through it all XOXO link below!

photoArt Mark Nadir

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