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YOU are an angel!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

We are all earth angels.

Our sacred assignment is to embody the Divine and create unity consciousness on this holy planet.

Your living prayers are the key that unlock the gates of oneness.

Integrating your human self with your spiritual self is to me, what this earthwalk is all about.

For me, its taken dedicated daily practice of yoga, meditation, prayer, mantra, plant medicine + healing of all kinds, accessing my heart brain connection, and being brave to shine despite it all so i can help others on the path of awakening and be a beneficial presence.

On this one 11/11 holy day and all days, can you lay down the divide, and embrace all as brothers and sisters, creatures, and nature as divine?

See beyond the outer circumstances. See with your angel eyes and soul.

Can you dust off your angel wings and spread them big and wide and believe just for today, and tomorrow, that we can create this miracle, and have peace on earth?

I believe we can.

I believe in YOU.

Gimme a yes, a wink, a heart, let’s make heaven on earth.

Ya with me?

It all begins withYou.

And me.

RamRam familia we are One.

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