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You are Enough!




We each have our crosses to bear, challenges, goals, causes, healing, relationships that need attention, self growth, and purpose to live.

With so much chaos and tragedy happening all around and inside our own bubbles, it can be hard to be simply, happy. For me it takes hours of daily practice to align myself with the infinite, the beauty, the love, and the joy that exists in every moment, despite, and because of it all.

As i hear, experience, and see each next crisis, a part of me feels deep sadness and hopelessness. I can feel it and accept it, but it seems the only way then is to let it fuel me to rise up, filled with the bounty and power that i’ve been given, that Earth gives, that Source gives, that we’ve all been given to serve and to love and to make alchemy out of it all. Again, and again and again.

I commit to being a beneficial presence. On this last day of Durga Navaratri, we can let go of another layer that we are not enough, that we don’t make a difference, that our past holds us back, that we are insignificant.

You are light.

You are enough.

More than enough!

You are powerful.

You make a difference.

You are magical.

You are God/dess.

You are Love.

You are.

I am.

Do what you need to do.

Be a light for others.

Devote to a cause.



Do Yoga.



See the dream.

Love Yourself & You Love the World!


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