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Days and nights are equal now, yet i beg you to consider this is not the case in you or on the planet.

there is MORE light in you and on the planet. see beyond beyond all outer appearances and self imposed limitations.

yes it’s a time to plant seeds to bloom this next season, a time of rebirth and new beginnings, a time to cultivate and tend the fire within towards our dreams for peace, healing, love, abundance, all the blessings of life.

and to remember as you look up to the sun moon and stars:


the shadows help us grow, heal, and clean our ancestral lineages so we accept. respect. embrace. and let the light shine in.

oh Ma, may the light pierce our hearts and go to the heart of the world now and blaze us all awake. when we wake up and see the light, we know there is hope.

YOU are hope!

The Buddha said “be a light” and that’s what you are.

RamRam familia, take refuge in your light practices + shine on for all!

Mark Nadir

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