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life-force, breath, movements of life


evolution, wave, cycle, lineage, teaching of flowing yoga


to unify, the state of unified consciousness

Prana Vinyasa is a life-realization, embodiment practice & global collective based on the roots of yoga, evolutionary, pathways, the art and science of flow, and tools for wellness for our vitality and sacred earth.

Prana Vinyasa is a journey to greater embodiment, vitality, enjoyment of life, living flow, creative fulfillment, natural happiness, and a connection to one’s sva dharma: inherent purpose in life.

Our evolutionary practice and teacher training empowers people around the globe to cultivate your life as your art, passion, and path of fulfillment.

As a global teaching collective, we serve the life-force in empowering people to connect with the vinyasa of their lives to bring greater life presence. vitality, and joy.

We inspire people to tend the fire of their life and find their sva-dharma: inherent life purpose within the unique season of their life- single or family, professional or exploring, recovering from a life change or rising up to explore one’s potential.

We are positive change agents to bring greater wholeness, diversity, male-female balance and natural vitality and humility to individuals and cultures at large through the universal path of yoga.

breathe how you want to live
the flow of every prana vinyasa practice brings
regeneration, strength, fluidity, and inner meditation to the flow of life
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