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Self Love Workshop ~ in honor of Cheyne

with Monica Mesa Dasi

Thank you for signing up for the Self Love Workshop.

Mark your calendar now for Friday, Sept 9th at 11:11am CST.


This 90 minute live online workshop will include:

❤️ My own Prana Vinyasa inspired sequence, specifically designed to heal and  empower your heart.

❤️ A special mantra to invoke and increase your love vibration that you can use everyday or whenever you are needing some extra love, so that you don’t have to depend on anyone else to give you the love you need!

❤️ A life changing powerful affirmation for you and all your loved ones, even children.

❤️ A specific pranayama breath technique for soothing and creating luminosity in your heart & mind.

❤️ A secret mudra (hand asana) to feel courage and confidence in yourself.

A portion of the proceeds from this workshop will be donated to CB State of Mind Therapy Scholarship Fund, providing free counseling to those in need. After a rash of suicides shocked our small mountain paradise several years ago, a group of community members recognized the critical need of increased support for mental health services and banded together to serve and heal our community. CB State of Mind works to promote emotional health, reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues, and improve access to care and support for everyone who needs it.

Please bookmark this page so you have access to the webinar ZOOM LINK. The passcode is selflove.

See you soon!

Monica Mesa Dasi

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