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Monica Mesa Dasi

Soul on Fire Yogini on a Mission!

I am Monica Mesa Dasi, a Buddhist bhakti yogini. I am a daughter of the universe, my beloved Colombian parents, and gurus Neem Karoli Baba and Amma. I am a mother of three amazing warrior sons, one of whom passed away from suicide. I am a survivor of drama, trauma, and tragedy and my life is dedicated to helping people heal on all levels as I heal myself.


I am honored to have been teaching, presenting, and sharing yoga for over 30 years. With roots in Iyengar, the yoga of my heart is based in Shiva Rea‘s Prana Vinyasa, of which I have been a senior teacher and trainer, and now teach with my own unique Bhakti touch. Having retired from teaching public classes, I’m now grateful to be teaching at festivals, retreats, and workshops globally, and currently taking a sabbatical to write a book!


One of my greatest heart projects was creating Yoga for the Peaceful studio and Yoga Rocks the Butte WinterFest in Crested Butte, Colorado because I believe in creating a sangha/community, that yoga can heal us all, and when we heal ourselves, we are healing the world at the same time!


I am a spiritual healer, channeler, an alchemist, and plant medicine woman who has learned that miracles are possible and life is magic. I believe in taking a stand for our earth mother and climate change. I believe that Black Lives Matter, in social justice, and that now is the time to come together as ONE.

I am a writer, poet, a mystic you can’t put in any boxes so don’t even think about it because I might transform into a butterfly before your very eyes!


I am a global citizen on this extraordinary planet, I stand for unity in diversity, and I believe that we all need to come together NOW. I don’t believe the world is falling apart, I believe we are all waking up! I believe that self-love and sacred daily practice is the key to becoming our higher self and embodying the divine so we can serve our gifts in the world and feel the inherent joy that is this precious human life.


I believe in LOVE. I believe it’s the doorway, the portal, and the key, that I am love, and you are love, and we are here to love ourselves and each other. Passionately and compassionately.


If our paths have crossed we are most likely karmically connected and I want to look in your eyes!


I am a surfer girl, mountain mermaid, ageless goddess in her 50s and I’m here to rock. I bring all of who I am to everything I do and all my offerings, and I am here to help you rock, heal, and live your dreams.

"Love yourself and you love the world!"

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Lily Russo

Ayurvedic Wellness Coach & Sacred Feminine Guide

I feel very fortunate to have been practicing yoga for the past 20 years. It has been a path of health, joy, transformation and empowerment since my teen years. Initially, it was the physical practice that captured my attention, but over the years this led me to study all the other facets including pranayama, meditation, tantra, and yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, as well as other influential disciplines, primarily Buddhism, the Tao te Ching, and plant medicines.


I have participated in over 1000 hours of yoga trainings, and am an affiliate of Shiva Rea’s Samudra Global School of Living Yoga, leading 200 Hour Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings. As a Sacred Sensuality Guide, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Organizer, Podcaster and Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, my goal is to guide others to embody a path of connection to their higher selves and to all other beings, and be empowered to access the great cosmic source of radiance, creativity, and healing. My deepest passion is connecting with women and guiding them to fully cultivate their natural feminine powers of sensuality, intuition, compassion, radiance and pleasure! 

Kalah Hill

Freedom Doula & Pleasure Activist

Freedom Doula and Pleasure activist Kalah Hill is the founder of In Pleasure We Trust. Kalah rests in trusting that when people affirm and integrate their pleasure, freedom will be born. She is a guide of equanimity, truth, and solidarity. Through her many years as a student of trust, Kalah regenerates space with her clients with care and sweet rootedness. Love and freedom are not languages of constriction, rather they both speak of expanse, and orient towards that which is possibility. Kalah guides those who are ready, to arrive within the heart spaces where all sensation meets.


Kalah evokes permission for sovereignty within the landscape of our social interdependency. In her work she unravels the illusions of systemic oppression that create communities of conformity and insatiability. Kalah’s experience and facilitation ranges over the course of the last 15 years. Including a Master’s degree in biological and ecosystem based sciences, a 500hr somatic coaching certification, social justice and activism, a woman of the maiden to mother lineage, Trauma of Money certified trainee, and 4 years of postpartum doula work. Kalah currently resides in Costa Rica and travels to New York City and Mexico City frequently.


To find out more about Kalah and her services follow on Instagram @kalah.hill and check out her website

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Holly Turiya

Tantric Love, Sex, & Intimacy Coach

Holly Turiya is a Tantric Sex, Love, & Intimacy Coach. She specializes in empowering women to liberate love, declare desire, and prioritize pleasure through the awakening of their sexual energy. Her signature Tantric Awakening mentorship journey is an initiation to the feminine Tantric + Taoist embodiment arts. Take this royal road with her to not just get what you desire- but to become it. Visit to check out her TantraTV, Podcast, books, and offerings.

Zainab Zakari

Racial & Social Justice Advocacy

Zainab has become a sought-after mentor to new teachers and enjoys sharing what she’s learning along the way to create more conscious and compassionate connections for all.

Zainab has been teaching flow yoga for over 10 years and has crafted and led workshops, immersions, and teacher trainings.  Her teaching passions include peeling back the layers from the outermost physical to the innermost soulful to reconnect to the heart’s voice within.  As a student of life and a biracial woman, Zainab is committed to creating brave spaces that cultivate truth & social justice for long-lasting, uplifting change for all communities.

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Jackie Just

Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness Coach

Jackie Just is an Ayurveda wellness coach and a business coach for yogini entrepreneurs, as well as a Prana Vinyasa yoga instructor, Ayurvedic chef and passionate foodie.

Jackie loves supporting her students’ wellness on and off the mat and her approach to wellness is rooted in the ancient life science of Ayurveda.

Jackie believes that food is medicine, self love and mental health matter more than we often give them credit for, and that when we align ourselves with nature, we have the ability to heal ourselves: mind, body and spirit.

Kristin McHarg

Yogini Love & Dating Coach

Certified Yogini Love & Dating Coach, Kristin McHarg will teach you the secrets to attract your soul mate. Her expertise in Love and Dating, Coaching, Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, the Sacred Feminine, and relationships will support you in opening your heart to love and the destiny that is waiting for you. She works with women through 1:1 coaching and group coaching, as well as teaches a 9-Month Online Group Program, Workshops, Immersions, and more. Her mission is to guide women in reclaiming their innate power to authentically attract their soulmates.


Michelle Matthews

Medicine Woman, Certified Transformational Coach and Energy Alchemist 

Mishy Matthews is a Modern Day Medicine Woman, Certified Transformational Coach, and Energy Alchemist for those on the path of empowerment who want to align with their intuition, trust their path, and unleash their inner magic. Through her own healing journey and working with sacred plant medicines, she continues to expand her understanding of walking through life with joy, love and compassion.


Drawing on a multitude of tools and modalities she's trained in and used to help others for over a decade, she assists her brothers and sisters to shift their energy, heal their wounds and live in joyful alignment with life. Some of her areas of expertise include: Certified Mastery Coach, Certified in the Transformational Coaching Method, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist.

Natrishka Pather

Tao Tantric Arts Womb Warrior, Orgasmic Breath, & Shakti Groove Creator

I am a 470 hour YTT specializing in Restorative Yoga, nervous systems communications, orgasmic breathwork as taught by Barbara Carrellas, Tao Tantric Arts Practitioner, SHAKTI Groove creator, and YUM Massage Therapist.


Tina Tara

Yoga & Ayurveda Health Coach

I support women in finding self love and radiant wellness in order to take
excellent care of themselves and their hormonal health.

My vision is to help women step into their full potential, balance their
lifestyle to embrace their own love, beauty, fertility and claim their vision in a
healthy grounded way.

I guide them into a new way of womb awareness to heal from the inside out
and understand the different cycles of their divine feminine.
I have studied work psychology with extensive focus on burnout, hormonal
health, yoga, ayurveda and the healing art of energy work.
I am a certified Hormone Yoga Therapist, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, and
Ayurveda Life and Health Coach.
I have experienced the healing effect of yoga and ayurveda on minor to
traumatic life experiences in my life and womb and it is my pleasure to
empower you to do the same.

Karie Reyes

Astrology & Soul Sister Angel 

Karie is a spiritual yogini, painter, astrologer, and graphic artist. She is a mother to three young men and lives in Kansas City with her husband.


Karie is passionate about her faith and is involved in ministry through her parish. She believes deeply in the intersections of spirituality and faith through both yoga and astrology as well as faith based religion. Yoga played a key role for her in overcoming a particularly difficult chapter in her life. She desires to share these powerful and life changing practices with other women to help them through their challenges.


From this desire, Karie has built her dream business where she blends her love of being of service with art and yoga. As a graphic artist, Karie supports spiritual entrepreneurial women by helping them show up on social media as the amazing, beautiful, powerful women that they are.


Through her yoga and art offerings, she empowers and guides women to celebrate their soul and radiate their light. She encourages them to express their inner beauty and sensuality on canvas. 


Karie is a student and teacher of Prana Vinyasa Yoga and is deeply grateful for the loving support of her mentors Susan Harp, Monica Mesa Dasi, and Shiva Rea. She recognizes the many gifts of a daily devotional practice and will always be a student of yoga.

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Kristen Wonch

Women's Money Mastery

Kristen Wonch teaches women to dissolve their money drama + build wealth simply. She shows women how to make more, hold more + grow more without hustling, from a place of alignment + flow.  

She's the founder of Women’s Money Mastery - a 12 week transformational program that teaches women the end-to-end roadmap for soul-aligned wealth. She’s an ex-trader with an MBA in Finance who personally paid off a $100,000 debt in just a few years and has built multiple global businesses from the ground up. 

Kristen's Integrated Wealth Method is the first to blend energetics, mindset and strategy into a simple formula for wealth. She teaches women to create a steady flow of income, spend without feeling guilty, pay off debt easily, invest without confusion and completely change their relationship to money.

Katie Joy Folz

Secular Minister * Guidance Counselor * Sacred Celebration Artist

Katie is a trained educator, guidance counselor,  ordained secular minister, and seasoned celebration artist & officiant. She is a passionate student of life who is most interested in the understanding of human behavior and conscious oneness with Spirit. Her life’s work is dedicated to creating opportunities for people to find deeper connections to themselves, to each other, and to the world around them. 


As a guidance counselor specializing in Satir’s Family Systems Therapy, Katie works with individuals and families to support transformational change and growth, internally and systemically. In her ministry practice, she weaves together a tapestry of faith, ancient Earth-centered spiritual rituals, and religious teachings, enabling her to connect with people from all backgrounds and traditions. Katie works closely with clients and groups to create sacred ceremonies celebrating all life transitions from birth through death, as well as large community celebrations centered around seasonal holy-days and creative arts expressions. She is a visionary artist, an empathic intuitive, and a channel for energy to move through as needed. 


Katie’s practice, values, and beliefs are heavily influenced by the teachings of her mentors which include: Marcie Telander and the Earth Wisdom Institute, Steven Young and the Family Systems Therapy work of Virginia Satir, Martin Prechtel and his school, Bolad’s Kitchen,  Joe Bob Merritt and the The Fourth Way School of Dr. Bob Rhondell Gibson, Nai Kaya, Hank Wesselman, Tom Cross, Donnie Rollins, Grandmother Ayahuasca, Grandmother Noya Rao, and Grandfather Chiric Sanango.   

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