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Intro to Tantra For Women

Awaken Radical Self Love, Sexuality & Spirituality

A 6 Week Online Course

July 11 - August 15

(Now only $555! Payment & scholarship options now available!)

Client Testimonial

Image by Amy Shamblen

🌹    IMAGINE . . .   🌹

~ Feeling wildly in love with yourself, just as you are!


~ Knowing ancient secrets that give you the confidence and courage to express your true sensuality.


~ Owning your sexual power and pleasure potential.


~ Being able to master your sexual energy and direct it towards enhancing any part of your life or relationships.


~ feeling deeply connected to your anatomy of arousal and re-awakening your sensuality without depending on anyone else = sexual empowerment!


~ Knowing how to channel your sexual energy, utilizing ancient Tantric techniques to go into deeper states of consciousness with or without a partner.


~ How it can feel when lovemaking or self pleasure feels like a devotional experience that connects you even deeper to your spiritual path. 

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Image by Ed Robertson

In Six Weeks You Will Discover:

~ Why radical self love is the key to transforming your life and relationships.


~ Tools & practices to love yourself deeply and profoundly.


~ How to use breathwork, yoga, energy tools, & sexuality to move beyond past wounds and conditioning to awaken your sensuality and pleasure potential.


~ Ways to master your God given sexuality to direct your energy towards manifesting all the dreams and goals you desire.


~ Learn how to balance, heal, and activate your chakra energy centers to unleash your highest self.


~ Rewrite your sexual history into a new and updated empowered version.


~ How you can reach levels of sacred love & intimacy that deepen and heal your relationships.


~ Feel beautiful, sexy, and deeply connected with your body temple and all of its sacred parts.


~ The essential purpose that your sexuality has in creating a more socially just, healthy, and harmonious humanity.


~The secrets to integrating your own personal spiritual path with your sexuality as one.


~ How to go from feeling unfulfilled, shut down, or unmotivated, to feeling liberated and sexually empowered.


~ How to increase your magnetism and radiance with or without a partner.


~ The mystery and magic that connects your self love, sexuality, and spirituality that can unlock your truest essence and purpose on the planet.

Image by Ed Robertson

Does This Sound
Like You?

- Does self-love seem like some far away cliché with no real felt sense?


- Do you feel apathy towards your sexuality or sex?


- Do you feel numbness or anxiety around your sexuality due to past traumas and conditioning?


- Do you feel like your anatomy of arousal is disconnected from the rest of your being?


- Do you yearn for more passion and depth in your sexual experiences?


- Do you get lost in your mind and thoughts during intimacy and have difficulty being fully in the moment?


- Is there something inside you that just knows that your body is born to feel blissful, that pleasure is a divine portal to God, and that your relationship to yourself and your loverships can be filled with ecstasy and deep love?

Image by Edward Howell

If So, You Are Not Alone!

Throughout the last three decades of teaching yoga and mentoring women, as well as my own experiences, I know that feeling this way is way too common. 




1: We live in a culture that creates social, political, economic, and sexual disempowerment of women and does not celebrate sexuality as divine.


2: Sex education is based on preventing pregnancy, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and biological anatomy – not sexuality as a holistic path to radical self-love, spirituality, and sacred union.


3: Most people have negative experiences or sexual trauma that has gone unaddressed and unhealed, which blocks your pleasure and sexual liberation.



If you are in this place now, and you want to change this cycle for yourself and your lineage, THIS IS FOR YOU!


(Now only $555! Payment & scholarship options now available!)

Image by René Porter

Video Invitation


Here's my personal invitation with more information to what it's all about!


Image by Eugene Golovesov


Each week you will learn Tantrik secrets and lessons that include yoga, breath, chakras, mantras, mudras, journal prompts, guided meditations, practices, special surprises, guest speakers, and more!



Radical Self Love 💗



Rewriting your sexual story



Body confidence and anatomy of arousal



Spirituality & Sexuality: The magical and inseparable combination!



Deeper Love & Intimacy Through Tantra



Becoming a Tantrik Goddess

Image by Edward Howell



I invite you to step into the path of radical self love, sexuality, and spirituality. Take my hand and become the woman that is your truest essence, radiating with the bliss and wholeness that is your birthright. Tantra releases the layers of past conditioning, trauma, and limiting beliefs and reveals the goddess that lies deep inside. My prayer is to support you and give you ancient tools to unlock the beauty and love that is waiting to be unleashed. 

I invite you to open your heart and spread your wings into a new way of living life as ritual, magic, and joy.


You will expand into the most glorious version of yourself in love with life, the God of your understanding, yourself, and all those blessed to be on your path

Image by Eugene Golovesov

 "Love Yourself & You Love The World!"

I believe that self-love is the doorway, the portal and the key to personal & planetary healing for a healthier, more compassionate, and harmonious humanity!


Tantra is the path that can transform and enhance your life, relationships, and purpose. 


It is the only spiritual path that includes all of your body as a vehicle for self realization and unification with the Divine!

Each Week You Will Receive:

~ A weekly 90 minute zoom call on Thursday's that will include ancient practices, tools, and inspiration for your healing and transformation. 

~Weekly pre-recorded practices and content.


~ A weekly LIVE Tantra Vinyasa Yoga Class.

Monday mornings 7-830 AM, MST


~ Access to a private group Facebook community platform for sharing, sisterhood support, and celebration.


~ Special guest teachers and surprises!


Client Testimonials

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Image by Svetlana Butovskaya



Were born to experience deep love and pleasure.


Are a goddess & your body is your divine temple.


Can unleash your primal power for your wildest dreams.


Hold the keys to heal, awaken, and transform yourself into your highest essence.


Are Pure Love & You Were Born To SHINE!



(Join Now for $555! Payment & scholarship options now available!)

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A Personal Note From Me...

I began studying Tantra over 20 years ago because I wanted to transform my sexual traumas and feel more sacredness and fulfillment in my sexuality and relationships. I wanted lovemaking to feel like a meditation and devotional experience beyond just the physical act. 


I knew deep down inside that the primal power inside of me that yoga was awakening could be directed towards my highest evolution and expression. 


I wanted to feel sexually liberated and empowered and I want all women to have that as well. 


When I realized that Yoga and Tantra go hand in hand, and that all the practices have been preparing me for this next stage of liberation, I knew that I needed to share it with YOU.


This course is the beginning of bringing all that I have learned and experienced over the past three decades into your life and heart. 


I truly believe that when you love yourself, and harness the extraordinary power of your sacred sexuality, that not only your life will change, the whole world will change as well.


Loving, well loved, and self loved people walk on the planet with a high vibration that changes everything and everyone.


When you realize that your sexuality is DIVINE, and channel that energy into healing and awakening yourself, the planet will also heal and awaken.


Making your sexual healing your priority is a generous act that all your loved ones will benefit from.


When you utilize your sexuality as a God given gift, you are creating Heaven on Earth.


I am here, walking this path withYou!


Image by Ed Robertson

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I need to have previous yoga experience?


No, if you have previous experience in yoga, you will have a head start, but this is an Intro Course to Tantra that is open to all!


Do I need to have a partner to do this course?


No, Tantra is a path that can be experienced with or without a partner. When you learn the practices for your own self, you will be able to utilize them for your own healing and empowerment, and when and if you have a partner, it will enhance and transform your relationships even more!


Will we be doing any sexual practices?


This is a foundational Tantra Course, and will give you the basics to understanding this vast path by utilizing breath, meditation, specific yoga asanas, chakras, and  healing practices for yourself and present/future relationships. You will be learning some basic sexual practices for yourself and partners that are approachable, simple, and open the doorway for future practices with more sexual content.

Are all faith traditions included in Tantra?

The beautiful thing about Yoga & Tantra is that it is a non-dualistic path, so all faith traditions are embraced and deepened!


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