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Self Love ~ Power of Practice ~ Purpose Based Living

Thank you for registering and saying yes to a magical year of transformation and healing. I welcome you into my heart and sister circle and am grateful that we magnetized each other!

You will be exposed to inspiring topics, faculty, and practices that will support you in becoming your most radiant and authentic self, heal from any challenges you have faced, and transform your life into one of purpose, impact, and bliss.

To maximize the transformation of this year long journey, please make the Zoom calls and weekly Yoga Sadhana a priority and add them to your schedule. Our monthly faculty Zoom as well as my monthly Zoom are going to be so full of amazing content, and my weekly yoga class on Monday mornings will get you ready to start your week off with a Soul on Fire!

Here's what you'll need to get started:

(clickable links underlined)

  • Zoom Calls: Calls will be on Wednesdays from 11am - 12:30pm CST. The first call will be September 28th at 11am CST! Full annual schedule below!

(Zoom Meeting Room)

SEPTEMBER 2022 ~ 28th

OCTOBER 2022 ~ 5th + 19th

NOVEMBER 2022 ~ 2nd + 16th

DECEMBER 2022 ~ 7th + 14th

JANUARY 2023 ~ 4th + 18th

FEBRUARY 2023 ~ 1st + 15th

MARCH 2023 ~ 1st + 15th

APRIL 2023 ~ 5th + 19th

MAY 2023 ~ 3rd + 17th

JUNE 2023 ~ 7th + 21st

JULY 2023 ~ 5th + 19th

AUGUST 2023 ~ 2nd + 16th

SEPTEMBER 2023 ~ 6th

  • Yoga Practices: Mondays 7:30-8:30am CST. The first class will be Monday Oct 3rd at 7:30am CST!! Recordings will be posted. Bring your "LoveBook" (updated version coming soon!), a journal, your mat, a cushion, and most importantly, come as you are! Whether you are in jammies, your most comfy yoga clothes, or your "work clothes", I want you to feel comfortable at hOMe with me and our precious satsang!

  • Thinkific Course & Community Room: The majority of this program will take place through our group Zoom calls, weekly sadhana practices and the Thinkific course, which will act as a gathering place for all our call recordings, any handouts we give out, links to important videos and websites, and our community discussions! ALSO: please join our private Thinkific Community Page (in place of our FB group page).

Thinkific Course (enroll for free)

Thinkific Community Page (you will be added to this page as soon as you enroll in the Thinkific Soul on Fire Journey page.

  • Acuity Scheduler: Book your seasonal one-on-one sessions with Monica ~ Click here!

  • LoveBook: Here is the updated LoveBook. Please have this handy for our Zoom meetings and Sadhana sessions, either saved or printed out.

  • The Power of PracticeYou have been gifted The Power of Practice 7 Week Online Course for FREE! Please register for this as soon as you can and start enjoying the material. You will only receive one module a week for a total of seven weeks thereafter, so jump in now as a BONUS so you can start enjoying it before our course begins!  *To register, click this link and use the following promo code at checkout: mygifttoyou

  • Banyan Botanicals: Please go to Banyan Botanicals to find out what your dosha is (Ayurvedic Profile). This is fun, will only take you a few minutes, and will be a wonderful enhancement to your life and practice!





With Love & a Soul on Fire,


** Please bookmark this page, as it is a private landing page for you to easily access all of the offerings in this program, which will be updated as we move along.

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