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New Year Mind, Body & Soul Transformation!

Thank you for registering and saying yes to this magical time of transformation, healing, and


I welcome you into my heart, hOMe, and satsang community, and I’m so grateful that our paths have brought us together.


In this time, you will ignite your yoga practice, make your health a priority, deepen your spiritual path, awaken your soul purpose, and become a more powerful presence in the world! 


To maximize the transformation of this time, please make the Zoom sessions a priority, and let your friends and family know you would love their support. They will thank you later when they see the more peaceful, empowered, and balanced presence that you become! 

Here's what you need to get started:


Calls will be every Morning from 8 am- 9:30 am CST, so please mark your calendars! Plan to be in the "Zoom Shala" at least 5 minutes before each session to be on time and ready for practice. 


Please bookmark this page and this link and have it ready each Sunday night before you go to bed so you are ready and on time for all sessions! HERE IS THE LINK!


This is my exclusive lovingly put together handbook, full of information, inspiration, and everything you will need for your Sacred Yoga Sadhana!

You can download it  to your device or print it in black-and-white or full color! 

Please have this handy for all sessions, and note that this very special handbook is just for YOU!


  • Depending on your time zone, please come with an empty stomach, and ideally before caffeine, so that you can benefit from all the breath + practices that are more suitable when your stomach is empty. 

  •  Dress for movement practices, have a cushion or something comfortable to sit on, a yoga mat, journal + something to write with, and any props you may need.

  • Please come as you are, and though it’s ideal to have your camera on, there is no need to be put together in any special way other than just being yourself! Whether you are in your jammies, your most comfy yoga clothes, or your “work clothes”,  I want you to feel comfortable at hOMe with me and our precious Satsang!

  • All sessions will be recorded. If you are unable to attend a session the recording will be posted on our Facebook page for 1 week until our next class. You will have the whole week to take the class at your leisure. Please make your live attendance a priority to maximize the power and transmission of this sacred time.

  • Join our private Facebook Group TODAY and introduce yourself, letting us know where you are currently living and what your intentions are to receive from this program. Here's the link to our 21 Day Sacred Yoga Sadhana Facebook page. Click HERE!


Please go to Banyan Botanicals and do the “Dosha/Ayurvedic Profile” quiz. This is fun, will only take you a few minutes, and will be a wonderful enhancement to your life and practice!


Please pencil in your Mornings from 8-9:30 AM, CST, and adjust your schedule as needed.

When you make yourself, your self-love, healing, and health a priority, you are doing a generous act that is truly for the benefit of all beings, so be proud of yourselves, and get ready for a magical time together. 

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" When You Love Yourself, You Love The World." ~MMD

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