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WithYou Forever Book Launch!


As you know, I have been putting together the channeled messages from Cheyne and writing "our book" for over a year now. It began in my beloved Nosara, and will be completed here in the country of my roots, Colombia. I have dreamed of writing a book for a long time, but this book was really written from Cheyne and my own heart, together. There is a lot that has to happen between writing the book and actually holding it in your hands, and I wasn't sure how exactly I was going to pull it off. The whole thing has been a grassroots project with dear friends helping me with all the pieces, and I just kept having faith somehow it would all come together, but a miracle happened just the other day that is going to make it a reality!


I got a publisher!


Here's the story:

One of the women in my Soul on Fire Journey Group who did my teacher training years ago (and is very dear to me) connected me to a woman who also lost a child, wrote a book, and is now a publisher. We had a great conversation, and when I asked her what the details were to have her support in publishing the book, she replied that "she has been instructed by her guides to help me..." Tears, astonishment, gratitude, all of the emotions, you can imagine! She said she only works with authors who have soul based book projects and she believes the message of my book is important and needed to get into the hands of as many people as possible so she was going to help me make it all happen. On top of all that, her publishing company is called Ama Publishingwhich I thought was very interesting since Amma is one of my Gurus. When I mentioned that to her, she told me that her company was named after Amma! How's that for some auspiciousness!?


So my friends, my book IS going to be published!


At first I was just going to throw it out there the best I could, and wasn't really worried about it being "a success." It was my heart project, and I didn't want to have any attachment to it having to be anything but just a love offering in memory of Cheyne. What I realize now is that CHEYNE wanted it to be more than that. He wanted his message, OUR message, to have more of an impact, and I had to let go of all my fears and get out of the way to let the magic unfold. 


So the magic has begun. I am now ready to share with you the title:


WithYou Forever

~ Surviving My Sons Suicide; An Oracle of Love, Hope, & Channeled Messages ~


In the past four years since Cheyne went to the world of formless, many people have come to me with questions and requests for help in their own experiences, so I have also included some of my own messages, practices and tools that have helped me on the grief journey, suicide prevention information, survivor support, as well as information on how to help loved ones who have lost someone to suicide. Since we will all experience death in our lives, I believe this is a book for everyone, and the message of self love and healing is the mission Cheyne has given me that is now my life purpose. 


Invitation to be a part of my WithYou Forever Launch Team!

If you'd be willing to help promote the book with the tips my publisher will be guiding us with please send me an email letting me know, and also include your phone number (so I can add you to my special WhatsApp group!)

I will be grateful and honored to have you be a part of it. We will have ways that work for each one of you, whether it be sharing on social media, doing a LIVE or podcast with me, sending the link to friends, or other ways that feel good to you. Thank you, it's going to be fun too!

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