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WithYou Forever: Surviving my Son's Suicide
an Oracle of Love, Hope, & Channeled Messages

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This book is written from my heart with channeled messages from Cheyne about love, life, loss, and healing from grief. This book is for anyone who has experienced something similar in their lives or for those who may want to learn practices and support to move through difficult times, and be informed about how to help others. The most sacred part is the oracle section, filled with channeled messages from Cheyne, including messages to uplift and deepen your own self love journey. There is also a special section to become informed about suicide, mental health, and substance abuse issues to prevent this epidemic and create more mentally healthy people in the world. 


My hope is to share these messages from my heart and my son's heart. There are messages for you, for your loved ones, and for this life journey we are all on together. Cheyne and I want you to know that you are loved. You are Divine. You are meant to fly, even with broken wings. I would be so honored to have you purchase this book and let your soul breathe in the words that I pray will fill you with the peace beyond all sorrow.

What People Are Saying

This is the most touching writing born of love, I have read. You have endured such a deep pain, but you are so brave that you have transformed that pain into a way to serve others. You have laid bare your heart and shared your most vulnerable moment to help others. Thank you for shining your light.

Thank you, I got my copy and have already found tears. Your bravery, resiliency to see and channel is so amazing, and as a mama, I will absorb it all to be a light for suicide awareness and prevention and widespread love and compassion.

Bought it, read it…Wow! Raw pages from your journal during your grieving/healing journey… So brave and generous of you to share with all of us. It feels like an honor, reading it and getting a glimpse into the realness of what you went through and what you are experiencing. Reading your story feels incredibly relatable, soothing, and validating. What a powerful way for you to be supportive to innumerable people in their grieving and healing processes. Definitely five stars!

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