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Be Here Now

I’ve had the good fortune to have exotic travels the past two years, going to the motherland of yoga and Buddhism in India and Nepal, then landing in Costa Rica to live my surf dream. Now I am hOMe for a bit in my mountain ski town in Colorado, snuggled in to my cozy little straw bale eco house. One beautiful place after another, each overflowing with abundant blessings and extraordinary people and experiences on this healing journey of life.

Parinamamavada is a Sanskrit term where everything is continuously changing in the doctrine of evolution. Embracing this wisdom supports us throughout the ups and downs of life and inspires us to accept and embrace change as it comes. Not always easy, and extremely difficult at times, but through faith, devotion to our spiritual practices, and coming back to gratitude again and again, we can find the happiness beyond all outside circumstances.

Behind that smile are countless tears, a grief journey that has taken me to my knees, yet the strength and courage like Hanuman & the little engine that could. I have been graced with being a mother to three amazing sons, One of which lives in the world of formless, and a dharma path to serve yoginis on a mission to make an impact and an abundant income to help make the world a better place.

I am so grateful to have a freedom-based business that I can go anywhere and keep doing what I love, and helping others do the same. For now, I am here, and here I will bloom where I’m planted, and keep supporting others in their bloom. What a gift!

Btw, the beautiful carved door was made especially for me by my master woodcarver father, Hugo Mesa Studio still doing commission work FYI!

I’ll tell you a story about the lovebirds that you see soon!

RamRam, BE HERE NOW familia!

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