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To be in the mountains

Where the snow is like a blanket of crystalline water

The sky is a miraculous blue

The sun warms your heart and toes

Ski sisters are also your yoga sisters and angels in life

I bow to these mountains, the people, and the lifestyle where I was lucky to live, love, and raise my sons, and here i am again!

As i prepare to launch my book on what would have been Cheyne’s 29th birthday, these mountains and beautiful souls will be embracing me, holding me up, and reminding me of the joy beyond sorrow and sacred blessings of life.

WithYou Forever will be released on April 6! I’d love your support during this tender time so leave me an emoji below if you’d like to be a part of my launch team and be the first to get the digital download for $.99 on April 6!

Link below for more info!

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