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Blessings of Life

I believe the greatest blessing of life is love, and I’m ecstatic to share that cupid’s arrow has finally got me right smack dab in the heart!

This mystic romantic Virgoan believes in soulmate love and has been patiently waiting for that sacred union that ends the search and creates alchemy for so much wonder to unfurl. Swipe to see mystery man Kory Lon with the steady bow and perfect target!

I knew a new chapter in my life was beginning but this phenomenal surprise caught me off guard and I’m spinning in delight!

When you meet the beloved that holds the key you know life is magic! Singing praises to all the people, places, and serendipitous circumstances that played a part!

And especially to to him who looked deeper than anyone, whose chosen to love me for all my wildness, broken pieces, quirk, and dedication to living, loving, serving (and surfing!) this precious human life with passion and

faith that love heals all wounds.

May this sublime union be of benefit to all beings!

Om Namah Shivaya!

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