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Cheyne's book anniversary is coming up and so is his birthday…

He would have been turning 30 on 4/6…

The days and weeks, sometimes months leading up to his birthday, are very emotional for me, and I have been trying to celebrate his life more than dropping into the grief, but it takes a lot of consciousness to do that…

So I opened his book today to see what his channeled message was in the Oracle section (p.79) and this is what I got ;

“ I am not dead. I am alive and well. There is no death. There’s only transformation. No birth. No death. The physical body is not worth lamenting because by its very nature, it was meant to dissolve. The soul never dies. Never.

As long as you connect to my soul, I will connect back! Because me and you are soul connected forever. And part of each other’s destiny and soul evolution.

I just went on a long trip.

It’s better to talk and write to me, than text and phone calls and visits because it’s pure, no ego. We can both be totally ourselves, and no time, distance, or life situation can prevent our sacred communication.

If your cell dies, no problem because I’m always here. “


I hope this message may ease the heart of anyone else who deals with grief.

WithYou Forever is available on my website and on Amazon, where the digital copy got to the bestseller list year for its digital book launch last year and this year I am going to re-launch the hard copy on his birthday, because I know his messages are so special and we both want to spread the message of Radical Self Love to all!

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